Wingardium Leviosa

Among the laundry, running Daughter to theater camp, and dropping off donation items at the Salvation Army store, yesterday also included a goodbye to our neighbors, who sent their Mayflower truck off down the street and piled three kids into their minivan bound for San Francisco. He’s got the professional break of a lifetime, and I know the move is going to prove worth it.

He commented to me on the lawn that the professional part of this move is the easy part; he knows how to do it because he’s made a career of it. The personal and family part is the great unknown. I get that. There’s a feeling of being suspended between the terra firma you and your dear ones know well and a great possibility, either successful or disastrous, and the decision is already made. The truck just left.

“Lesser people than you have done this successfully,” I told him. And then I wondered what “successfully” means in such a context. It certainly can’t mean that everything about the new place is better than the old, or that nobody in the family (including you!) struggles once you arrive. I think it means allowing the things that are most important to you to change in ways you can’t control. Some of those changes will be confounding and others will be glorious, and maybe neither would have occurred without the move. Maybe “success” means taking them both and not measuring the move entirely by either one.

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