I’m A Talker

Some of us need to talk to relax. For me, the moments before a worship service or a retreat talk or a presentation are filled with the worst kind of dread; my mind runs wild imagining all the things that could go wrong and obsessing over all the things I failed to prepare. But as soon as the my talking part is on and my mouth is free to move, my mind settles down and the knots in my stomach untangle.

For some people, the thought of talking in front of a group is terrifying. For others of us, though, talking is the only solace.

One thought on “I’m A Talker

  1. I used to be panicky about public speaking. Learning that the best thing to do was be the most prepared person in the room got me through it. That’s how you appear too, Rocky — I learn so much from you, and it’s always comfortable. Thanks!

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