What Do You Have To Do?

What do you have to do?


This week?

This month?

This year?

In this job?

In this life?

It should trickle down, right? My big life aims should shape the work I’m doing. The impact I want to make in my work should drive my project list, which should shape my monthly calendar, which will structure my week, which will tell me what I need to work on today.

Of course it’s a luxury if it works like that. For many the world over, there is but one life aim: survive. Secure food and shelter for yourself and your family through whatever means of employment you can get. Today is all that matters, then–the hours I need to work to earn the money I need to put food on the table. That’s my impact.

If you get to decide what you want to work on, you have a tremendous, historically rare, gift. Use it well.


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