Using One Project To Hide From Another Project

Ministry is project work. A project is a body of work that needs several steps to complete. So this Sunday’s sermon is a project. So is next month’s session docket. And the fall Confirmation retreat. Those of us in ministry settings need to be able to manage and effectively complete projects.

Yet not all projects are equal in terms of impact, are they? I had this thought last week as I was beating a path back and forth between the printer and my desk, trying to complete a project that mostly required documents and numbers and signatures. I attacked it. Meanwhile, on my list of projects, sit a couple of things that require a lot more than printing and signing, projects that need non-distracted thinking and writing, projects that demand a cold call and an ask. They sit there while I knock out the paper and printer projects. Getting those done makes me feel effective, though I know that the real impact will come from paying serious attention to the other projects, the ones I can’t call “done” so easily and that scare me to think about.

I guess what I’m noticing is that being effective in one kind of project can be a dangerous form of hiding from another, more demanding, kind of project.

One thought on “Using One Project To Hide From Another Project

  1. I’m a member of this club as well, Rocky. Always nice to check things off your “to do” list. However the tough items always seem to be the last ones I get to.

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