The 2017 Songs Shortlist

Here it is, the final Music of The Year installment for 2017. After a big ol’ playlist of songs and three lists of albums, all that’s left is this this “shortlist” of the 26 tracks released in 2017 that I loved the most. May it usher you into a musically enriching 2018.



Most of these songs belong to albums I’ve already shared. A few thoughts on ones I haven’t, then.

“The Old Churchyard” from the Decemberists/Olivia Chaney collaboration called “Offa Rex” is haunting and just lovely. I gave the vinyl of this album as a gift to someone who maybe reads this blog and so can’t name. Merry Christmas.

“Confidence” by Said The Whale is just the right combination of electronic production, rhythm, and profanity for a rock record.

“Telefono” by Phoenix will break your heart if you can catch the snippets of English buried in the Italian one-sided dialogue lyrics. “But wait. Do you plan to visit?”

“In My Dreams” by Jenn Grant is a sad sultry song about praying to Jesus. Enough said.

“Tyson Vs. Douglas” by The Killers almost feels like a nostalgic cheap shot, and I can’t get through it without tearing up, which is a weird thing to experience from a song about a boxing match. “Rut” is just as personal and emotional. Especially if you hear the Song Exploder they recorded about it. 

“I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight” by Sonny Sweeney is a cover of a 1988 Chris Wall song I’d never heard before that will turn your stomach if you’re allergic to country music. I’m not, though, and every time I played this record I found myself singing it to myself for hours after. Landon hates it though.

“Hungry” by Travis Meadows is a plate full of dirt and grit that you just can’t stop chewing on.

Thanks for reading. Happy New Year.

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