On Disabling Comments

My daughter is so into slime making that she is getting into the YouTube slime tutorial game. On Tuesday she recorded a video and I began to show her how to edit it. Last night she finished the edits and we uploaded it to her new channel.

She’s an utter beginner, and everything about her first video sticks to the conventions, from the subject to the music to the titles. That’s fine. Learn the rules well enough to break them effectively, I say.

But there is one convention on which I put down my parental foot: the comments. Disabled. My reasoning is that nasty comments aren’t good for a nine year-old.

But am I overreaching? Am I being too protective and keeping her from receiving constructive feedback and learning how to take it? Am I contributing to thin skin?


5 thoughts on “On Disabling Comments

  1. You’re right. Wait till she’s twelve or thirteen and then have the comments go through you first. She’s way too young for unsupervised internet.

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