Everyone Has A Story

I spoke with a group of people who are new to our church last night, a room of about 15, to introduce myself and share why I’m here and what I do. I still haven’t gotten over the embarrassment I feel in talks like that. 

When I was a young adult volunteer living in an intentional community, I was asked to tell my story at one of the weekly community meetings. I said to the Leader with some panic, “But I don’t have a story.” His reply held some pity but also some offense, and in a way that is quite concrete it oriented me toward the things that would follow in my life. 

“Everyone has a story.” 

My hesitation then came from comparing my story to the story of all the remarkable people in that community and finding it paltry by comparison. My hesitation now comes from not wanting to elevate my story over other peoples’, because now I have a role in a community that lets me tell it. 

Everyone has a story. 

The story of a call to ministry and a story of how you got out of bed this morning. 

Everyone has a story. 

Tell yours. 

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