The More Of It You Do, The Easier It Will Be

The more of it you do, the easier it will be. That’s as true for writing as for running, for praying as for cooking. The more of it you do, the easier it will be.

The barrier to beginning next time comes down a little when you begin this time. Next time, having done it before, won’t feel so intimidating. This is not how we often think about it. “By saving my strength today, I will have more to give tomorrow,” we tell ourselves. The truth is that saving our strength today only prepares us to save our strength again tomorrow.

Every time doesn’t have to be epic. Overcook the chicken today. It’s more likely next week’s chicken will be better for this overcooked one than for the imaginary one you never started on. Write a weak blog post today. It’s more likely to make tomorrow’s better than skipping today is.

Say “Yes” to requests to do things that intimidate you. Those requests are a gift. They give you another thing to put on your list of things you’ve done and can do again if you choose. Don’t say “Yes” out of obligation. Don’t say “Yes” when all your other Yeses are piled up all around you. Say “Yes” if you can actually do it. Just don’t say “No” because you haven’t done it before.

The more of it you do, the easier it will be.

2 thoughts on “The More Of It You Do, The Easier It Will Be

  1. Once again you have touched my entire family and I am forever grateful. We are travelling to Europe this summer. We think it will be the last summer, for awhile, that our boys can travel with us without having “the new job” or a “new partner” they can’t leave. Your words were perfect though because it is exactly the trip we have wanted to take for so many years but could never even fathom doing all the planning or taking off the time. We want to make travelling a priority, not just for us, but to try and make it infectious to our boys. Jacen is currently home on spring break from Oregon State and is doing very well doing more of “it” making things easier for next time. Jeffrey, on the other hand, needs constant reassurance and prodding. He is slowly chipping away at Citrus College and has enough credits now to do a semester abroad in London this fall. We are going to use our trip in June (England and France) to do “it” with him, hopefully making it easier for the next time which we hope is fall. Your blog feels like timely divine intervention as I read it aloud to my family during our lunch together today. All three of them asked for me to forward them the email.

    They also said to send greetings to you and your family. Thank you for continuing to touch lives here in California while you brave the winter cold in Chicago. I hope Meredith and Laura are well and that health and happiness has stayed with you all.


    Tracy Doebler

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