What Is Your Push Up? 

Kiddo went to a new gymnastics class yesterday at a legit gym that has bars and rings and the whole bit. She’s been cartwheeling and handstanding all over the house for six months, stopping only long enough to watch YouTube tutorials and floor routines. 

Yesterday her course of self-teaching met it’s first real obstacle: the push up. 

The coach put Kiddo and her classmates through a circuit of gymnastics skills AND strength exercises, and Kiddo strained and struggled. 

Though I know literally nothing about the sport, gymnastics seems to rely on both complicated technical skills AND Herculean physical strength. One of those attributes without the other does not a gymnast make. 

The same goes for all kinds of meaningful work. Impressive skills are supported by core strengths. The gifted orator practices reading. The in-demand designer works on listening. The effective teacher prefects her diction. 

Push ups. 

What’s your push up? 

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