How Strong Is Your Game Game? 

I’m getting my game document in good working order. Fresh off a weekend youth retreat where this bad boy was ever at my side, I can say that the time it takes to assemble and maintain a collection of games for youth ministry is time we’ll spent. Nothing brings a group of teenagers together quite like a simple, thoughtful, well-led game. 

Of course, as with any vital resource, 100 % of my games are pilfered from other sources.. There’s people I actually work with. There’s this classic blog post and this YouTube channel, and then there are those old Youth Specialties games books

Anyone who says they invented a game should be regarded with suspicion. 
For my money, the best games require few or no supplies. They don’t progressively eliminate people but encourage constant participation by the whole group. They don’t rely on embarrassing people. 

I update this document constantly, and I take a copy with me on every retreat. 

What’s your go-to game source? 

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