Youth Workers Need To Be Clever As Serpents With Rental Car Companies

Freedom is what you do with what/with what’s been done to you.”

The Mynabirds

Yesterday I learned that Budget rented away the van I reserved a month ago for our youth ski retreat this weekend. I called to move up the pickup time, and the agent told me they didn’t have my van. Just didn’t have it. Nobody can tell me why.

It’s sorted. I found a van through another company. There will be skiing and singing and playing and praying this weekend.

I want to  pivot quickly when duped. You don’t get any bonus points for a scathing review or for throwing your phone across the room as you scream at a customer service agent. That won’t get you a new van. A little luck and Google are better tools for that.

And as good as it feels to say, “I’ll never use that company again!”, you may have to. The last minute van I just found was from a company that kicked me in the teeth five years ago and that I swore off forever. Indignation is a luxury sometimes.