This Post Just Eviscerated The Word “Just” In Headlines

Can we agree that, among the many violations of class and integrity bounding around inside the bouncy castle that is fake news, the use of “Just” in headlines is an easy one to fix?

“John Lewis just eviscerated Jeff Sessions.”

“James Comey just exposed his hypocrisy on the Hillary emails.”

I read both those headlines this morning on Vox and the Huffington Post, respectively. Those outlets should be better.

I’ve made my peace with the creeping of the past tense into headlines, but the trailing intensifiers I can’t. It’s a base appeal to readers’ twitchy, Tweety sense that something of tremendous import JUST HAPPENED, but it’s is entirely unnecessary and a nudge misleading.

It’s an easy thing to fix. You can even keep your breathless verbs, just drop the “Just.”

What’s wrong with: “Lewis Eviscerates Sessions on Civil Rights?”

2 thoughts on “This Post Just Eviscerated The Word “Just” In Headlines

  1. Nothing. It’s more powerful. I did a blogpost forever ago about “pretty Justin simply”

    Writers should never use pretty as an adverb, just can be dispensed of entirely and so can simply.

    Delete all

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