Busyness Is A Rhythm of Commitments

We’re into the summer rhythm of ministry now. During June, July, and August, we trade many of the weekly gatherings that fill Sundays from September through May for less-frequent-but-longer gatherings. Sunday School for camp. Youth group for the mission trip.

The church I serve is experimenting this summer with weekly activities for youth for the first time since anyone can remember. We’re trying this on Sunday mornings and this during the week. Participation in June was very light, but it certainly seemed like the teens and adults who took part got something out of it. We’ll see.

I’m wondering about rhythm. We talk a lot (a lot a lot a lot) about how busy our people are today, and I’m starting to notice the way busyness is really nothing more than a rhythm of commitments. For busy teens, orchestra rehearsals and weekly traveling soccer tournaments give a rhythm to life. That’s healthy. It’s also shared, since most of these activities are team or group-based, and since the activities pace their parents’ lives too.

So where does gathering for worship and formation with peers in the church play in the rhythm of busy people? Is it something separate from all the other commitments, either more demanding or less so? Or is it part of the total rhythm of our lives, humming vibrantly alongside our commitments to work, family, and important causes?

And how much influence do church leaders have over the rhythm of our peoples’ lives?

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