The Content Hierarchy

There is more media content for a person to consume than there ever has been, and I spend most of my content consuming time feeling guilty for not consuming some other kind of content. Unless I’m reading.

There’s a content hierarchy my mind defaults to:


Kindle books

Audio Books



Television Shows and Movies

YouTube Videos

Unless I’m reading an actual bound book, I feel lazy. Yet books are what I use the least. My phone makes audio and blog content available for my commute, and I take full advantage. Podcasts and audio books and Feedly are my constant companions. If I’m feeling especially virtuous on the bus, I’ll read my Kindle. But I almost never sit down with a book.

Check that. I sit down and read from a book at the end of nearly every day, when I read for 30 minutes to my daughter. In the past 15 months I’ve read seven Harry Potters, three Lemony Snickets, and even a book by Salman Rushdie. Presently I’m reading the first Percy Jackson. Aloud. Every word of each of these books is read aloud.

All I’m saying is that if I didn’t have a seven year-old I would never read paper books.

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