It Will Never Be Easier Than This

The first 90 days in a new position feel like an opportune time to rig up some small experiments. Invite someone to run a brand new fundraiser. Throw a camping trip on the calendar. Propose some refurbishments.

I see two distinct advantages to experimenting quickly and aggressively. First, if even one of your experiments work, you and your new team get a little victory under your belt that will build some energy and cohesion.

Just as important, though, is your experiments’ failure. Since it’s small it doesn’t cost much to fail, and when it does you and your team can process some very valuable learning.

Perhaps it will never be easier to experiment than it is in the first few months. Your energy is high and your team doesn’t know you well enough yet to realize that you’re making it up as you go.

All ministry is making it up as we go. Embracing that reality with an ethos of experimentation is a lot more fun than laboring to project expertise.

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