Opening Day Is Over

I enjoy opening day as much as any fan, but I reckon I enjoy day two through 165 more. Opening day is for projecting your highest hopes and your deepest fears onto a single game. Everything feels amplified. The remaining games, though, are the ones that make the impact.

Put those in your calendar now, but don’t plan around them the way you did opening day. Let double headers and rain outs march through your days according to the schedule. Let winnings streaks play out while you transition to a new job, and losing streaks while you potty train your puppy. The fifteen game swing on the west coast and the July 4th weekend homestand want to accompany you, equally, on the road that forks one way to keeping on and another way to giving up, here toward trying and there toward waiting, today chasing perfection and tomorrow taking a beating.

Baseball is back, people. Opening day is over.

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