You’re Not Going To Remember This Post’s Title

I wrote the title for this post first, which I never do. Body first, title last: that’s my rule.

I broke my rule to illustrate a point: energy spent on a title is wasted. This is true for blog posts and for blogs themselves.

A friend is considering blogging, but he’s a little hung up on the need for a catchy title, and that’s keeping him from starting. “Just start writing,” I told him. “Forget about the title until you have a post.” To underscore my point, I asked him to tell me the titles of some of the blogs I know we both read. Out of four bloggers I named, he triumphantly id’d the title of one of their blogs (he’s a smartass, my friend).

I read Marci’s blog and Jan’s blog and Seth’s blog and danah’s blog and Libby’s blog and John’s blog and a bunch of other blogs whose titles I couldn’t tell you if pressed. But–and this is what matters–I can tell you what they say. Because I’m reading the people more than the aptly titled product.

For the record, I feel the same way about sermon titles.

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