There’s Artistry In There

They’re tearing down a building across the street from where I’m staying. It’s quite a spectacle: a massive crane gently nudging the building’s frame so that stone and wood and porcelain come cascading down.

It’s cathartic to watch, because I like demolition. I never tire of seeing things torn down to the studs. I’m a sucker for the romance of new beginnings and starting over with a clean slate.

Before the crane came in, though, the workmen spent an entire day cutting out these hand-carved stone designs from the front of the building. They carefully removed each one to preserve it. It took ten times longer to do that than it took to knock the building down.

It’s a helpful reminder that nothing is completely bankrupt. Even if it’s being torn down, there’s artistry in there that deserves to be preserved and cherished.

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