Resolved: to listen to The Life of Pablo all the way through today

I’m a music fan, enough of one to maintain a music blog. Sharing songs, albums, artists, and even record labels with people in the hopes that they too will like what I like–there’s nothing better.

I should qualify that first sentence, though. I’m a [some] music fan. My tastes aren’t restrictive, but they aren’t broad either. They live on that easily digestible smorgasbord of Americana, Pop, Folk, and Electronic. My tastes almost never venture to the sonic poles of Metal and Rap.

But should they? Does your credibility as a music “fan” demand intentional stretching of your tastes? Should you force yourself to listen at least once to the new rap album everyone is raving about?

Or does artistic appreciation permit the bracketing of one’s tastes?

Resolved: to listen to The Life of Pablo all the way through today.