bold risk danger what?

(Still not Rocky, btw.)

So … about that bold, risk, almostdanger thing.

You’ve seen this, right? If you haven’t, please please please see it. I’ll wait.

Okay then.

Amy Pence-Brown (who, as it turns out, is a friend of one of my good friends – who knew?!) is my absolute shero. I covet that kind of boldness … about my body, about my life, in my career, in the lives of people I know and love, for all of the things for which they covet boldness too … that kind of risk and danger and whooooo putting it all out there. Covet covet covet.

The bazillion views and shares, the press coverage (‘coverage’! ha!), the celebrity responders (Kevin Bacon!), the notes from moms and friends and strangers and everywhere. Bold. Risk. almostDanger.

And the pay off.

  • If she can do it, why couldn’t I? (After all, even Amy borrowed her inspiration from another group somewhere else.)
  • If the people who picked up markers would do what they did, why wouldn’t I?
  • If they would leave water for her to drink … offer a hug that included even more physical contact that usual (I mean, skin! eee!) … encourage a friend to leave a heart, write a word, share the story …

… why wouldn’t we?

I don’t mean why wouldn’t we take off our clothes – although if that’s what works for you and what you need, then … drop ‘em, baby! …

But when we see others who are bold … who risk … who are faithful … who are courageous … who do the almostdangerous …

Is our reaction to assume ‘sure they can, but how would I?’
Or do we think ‘YES! That’s me too! ME! TOO!’


(Rev. Courtney Richards. Pastor, preacher, fancies-herself-a writer, maybe-eventually-DMin-student (yikes!). Connections Pastor at Harvard Avenue Christian Church, Tulsa OK. Lover of food, beverage, laughter, high heels, the people she works with, and the community she serves. Find her on Twitter @c_rev, where she’ll ramble about church stuff, rage over social justice stuff, throw around pop culture stuff, and occasionally rant about crummy customer service.)


2 thoughts on “bold risk danger what?

  1. Taking all your clothes off is one way. Writing words publicly is another. As a blogger, It sometimes feels like standing naked on a busy street. It’s scary until I realize that no one cares.

    Until they do.

    Then it’s scary and embarrassing all over again.

    But it it worth is to me to keep putting it out there.

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