DANGER (a blog takeover)

(Not posted by Rocky Supinger. No matter what it says above.)

Earlier this year, I was invited to join some friends – all clergy (and all Presbyterian), in various roles – in an informal peer group. (They needed some diversity, so they invited a Disciple.)(Insider church joke FTW!)

We check in with each other during the day – not for any reason in particular, but just to have touchpoints in very full days and careers. Several travel extensively, many have children (from kindergarten to college); we are parish and university and denominational office ministers. In the midst of it we cherish connection with those who get how wonderful crazy different unusual sometimes unspeakable exciting challenging ridiculous mundane emotional tiring invigorating every single day of ministry is.

Yesterday, one criticized an article he’d read, saying it (among other things) lacked substance.
I said: While I agree with one point the guy made, the rest IS pretty cloying and thin.
He: Cloying and thin is exactly the kind of language that post is missing.
Me (joking): Let me know when you’d like a Disciples guest writer (and I’ll see if I can find you one!).
He (not joking): Well, MY blog is quiet this week, here’s my login and password, have at it. #carefulwhatyouwishfor
Me: Danger Will Robinson!
He: Blogs need danger.

So. I’m going to invade Rocky’s blog a few days this week.

It won’t be world-changing. It will be fun, and different for me, and a chance to say a few things and write a few things to share with friends who’ve encouraged me to write. And while it’s not REALLY all that dangerous (I hope! for Rocky’s sake! please still love and adore and read him after this week!), it IS a reminder that we called not to be timid, but to be bold. Not to sit idly by, but to risk.

I love this spin on Paul’s words (2Cor6:12 MSG):

Your lives aren’t small, but you’re living them in a small way.

Why do we make ourselves small? Why do we hide a Light that was made to be seen?

So. What’s your bold? What’s your risk? What’s your not-really-dangerous-but-maybe-a-little-bit thing that needs doing? Personally? Professionally? Faithfully?

Write. Invite. Show up. Call. Come back. Offer. Laugh. Sing. Play. Apologize. Read. Practice. Give. Try. Go. Do.

“Blogs need danger.” Maybe … so do we.

(Rev. Courtney Richards. Pastor, preacher, fancies-herself-a writer, maybe-eventually-DMin-student (yikes!). Connections Pastor at Harvard Avenue Christian Church, Tulsa OK. Lover of food, beverage, laughter, high heels, the people she works with, and the community she serves. Find her on Twitter @c_rev, where she’ll ramble about church stuff, rage over social justice stuff, throw around pop culture stuff, and occasionally rant about crummy customer service.)