My Community Needs An Interfaith Youth Group

Baccalaureate at the local high school is sponsored by the Interfaith Council in town. That means that a team of faith leaders work with senior class officers to hold auditions and then select speakers and performers for the service.

Imagine getting to work with a diverse group of teens on an event that showcases their convictions and their hopes, not to mention their considerable talents. It fills me up, you guys.

But it’s not enough. It’s a blasted shame that we meet most of these youth on their way out the door. Of course, I push the youth from my church to speak and to perform, but that shows all the more clearly that they’re part of a powerful community of their peers who have also been shaped by faith communities, a community dying for somebody to organize it for the good it’s capable of.

Here’s a proposal: a multi-faith campus organization sponsored by religious leaders in town that gives teens a platform to express their faith with their peers as well as to learn from the faiths of others. You could use Soul Pancake as a guide.

Why wouldn’t this be amazing?


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