What’s Your Email Signature?

I talked yesterday with Bill Habicht, a pastor in Davis, California, and a creative leader who is working on social enterprises like a shared working space and a tea and coffee shop staffed by adults with disabilities where “pay it forward” is the price for everything.

Look for my conversation with Bill on the podcast later this week.

If Bill sends you an email, the automated signature at the bottom identifies him as a “nonprofit leader,” and not a “pastor.” This is because he’s trying really hard to build relationships in his community with people outside his congregation, and the baggage surrounding the pastoral role is an obstacle. It’s better, he says, to meet people on a completely different basis and then, over time, introduce that the church is the community he works with.

Time was, the title “Pastor” opened doors in town and the congregation was regarded as a beneficial–even effective–asset in the neighborhood. How far we’ve come.