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Episode 28: Aisha Brooks-Lytle

Aisha describes The Common Place, a new ministry initiative she’s organizing in Southwest Philadelphia

Episode 27: T. Denise Anderson

Denise talks about her blog Soula Scriptura.

Episode 26: Jessica Tate

Jessica talks about her work with NEXT Church PC(USA)

Episode 25: Ben Johnston-Krase

Ben talks about Farm Church, a new worshiping community he’s working on.

Episode 24: Jill Duffield

Jill is the Editor of the Presbyterian Outlook

Episode 23: Mark Oestreicher

Marko talks about the science of adolescent development, coaching cohorts, and the Youth Cartel. Read Marko’s blog at whyismarko.com. Follow the Youth Cartel at theyouthcartel.com. Register for The Summit at theyouthcartel.com/events/the-summit-2015/. Read the National Geographic article on Teenage Brains here:ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2011/10/tee…/dobbs-text

Episode 22: Ashley Goff

Ashley talks about leading a liturgical die in and all the things that piss her off about worship. Read Ashley’s blog at http://www.godofthesparrow.com and read about Church of The Pilgrim’s worship planning process in a piece she wrote for Alban here. Also, watch a talk by Ashley’s favorite Anthropologist Robin Nagle here:

Episode 21: Derrick Weston

Derrick talks about his work with the 29th Street Community Center in Baltimore and his blogging at Derricklweston.com

Episode 20: Patrick Heery

Patrick is the Editor of Presbyterians Today and the creator of Reimagining The Church. 

Episode 19: Erik Dailey

Erik is the co-founder and Executive Editor of Shook Foil Books and a consultant for film and television projects at Erik W Dailey Consulting.

Episode 17: Libby Shannon

Libby is the Associate Director for The Center for Spiritual Life at Eckerd College in Florida. She’s a runner, but don’t you call her that.

Check out Libby’s running playlist, curated specially for YoRocko:


Episode 16: Chad Andrew Herring

Chad is the pastor of the John Knox Kirk in Kansas City, Missouri, which is working on a marketing campaign that recently launched a shiny new church logo.

Episode 15: Landon Whitsitt

Landon is back in a no-intro, bare bones episode to discuss his work on an upcoming series of confirmation videos for Theocademy.

Episode 14: Tripp Fuller

Tripp is the creator of the Homebrewed Christianity podcast and he’s about to join up with The Hatchery. He’s really good at youth lock-ins too.

Episode 13: Carol Howard Merritt

Carol is the author of Tribal Church and Reframing Hope, and she is one of the lead organizers of Unco, an annual “unconference” for church leaders.

Episode 12: Bill Habicht

Bill is a “common good and social media conspirator” who pastors in Davis, California. His main project right now is Mosaic Tea And Coffee, a pay-it-forward social enterprise. Click here to visit Happy Cup, the roaster Mosaic will use. Also, check out one of the TED talks Bill has done.

Episode 11: Kile Jones

Kile is the founder of the Interview An Atheist at Church project and the Editor and Publisher of the Claremont Journal of Religion.

Episode 10: Murphy Daley

Murphy is the author of The Russian American School of Tomorrow, which she self-published last month. Click here to buy it. She blogs at writtenbymurphy.com. Click here to read more about Accelerated Christian Education.

Episode 9: Minda Schweizer

Minda started a church in her living room in September of 2014 called The Generous Table. I visited in March and wrote about it here.

Episode 8: Brian Ellison

Brian is the Executive Director of The Covenant Network of Presbyterians and a public radio personality on KCUR in Kansas City.

Episode 7: Mihee Kim-Kort

Mihee just started her own podcast, “This Every Day Holy,” where she interprets Scripture through the lens of every day life. She blogs at First Day Walking and is the author of three books.

Episode 6: Aric Clark

Aric is the guy behind LectionAric, a YouTube series exploring the intersection of the Revised Common Lectionary texts and popular culture. He’s a blogger at Two Friars And A Fool, author of Never Pray Again, and a regular participant in the UnConference. Check out one of his LectionAric videos:

Episode 5: John Vest

John created the Progressive Youth Ministry conference last year, and next week he’s hosting it at his church, Fourth Presbyterian in Chicago, for the second time.

He’s working with the JoPa Group to put the conference on.

Read his blog–“Adventures in Post Christendom”– here.

Episode 4: Adam Walker Cleaveland

Adam started sketchnoting a couple of years ago and now is a full-on visual artist working with ink and watercolor. He’s also a blogger, and you can see a lot of his work here.

Bonus: Adam watched a lot of Draw Squad as a kid.

Episode 3: Marci Auld Glass

Marci is a pastor who protests, advocates, and testifies on behalf of LGBT people and women in Idaho.

Read her blog here.

Watch her Add The Words testimony before the Idaho House State Affairs Committee here

Read my favorite blog post of hers here.

Episode 2: Landon Whitsitt

Landon writes and records original music as Go To Sleep, John Darling.

Listen to his music on SoundCloud.

You can buy Go To Sleep, John Darling’s music on Bandcamp.

Like him on Facebook

He also blogs about music at Claptrack

Episode 1: Casey Wait Fitzgerald

Casey is a Biblical storyteller with a new podcast.

Listen to “Story Divine” here

Check out her blog, “Faith And Wonder”

Casey is a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers

She’s a huge fan of Dennis Dewey

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