There’s No Excuse for A Lame Online Presence Anymore

This Reply All episode featuring the story of Lindsey Stone blew me away (content warning: there’s some raw language in there). Who knew that the best way to clean up your online reputation is not by deleting negative content but by adding new positive content?

It’s a public world now. Googling your name is basic professional diligence in this world, and not, as recently as five years ago, narcissistic indulgence. So shouldn’t we all be representing ourselves online in ways that accentuate our work and our values? Shouldn’t we all be showcasing ourselves online?

We’re all one foolish photo away from public internet shaming, and the best defense appears to be a good offense. Assure that the world sees the person you want them to see should they come looking.

Then, make sure you’re as good as that person.