This Blog’s For You

Landon shared a post I wrote last Tuesday, and, as you can see, the blog traffic spiked dramatically. He is the Kingmaker of Presbyterian blogging. As you can also see, the traffic was back to normal the next day.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 at 5.22.20 AMSocial traffic (FB and Twitter shares) drives blog traffic, and anyone trying to build a blogging audience benefits from that kind of sharing. But I’m learning that it’s a mistake to write for the peaks in the graph instead of the valleys. The valleys are what blogging is about.

As Ezra Klein reflects in a mournful piece,

Links from other bloggers — the original currency of the blogosphere, and the one that drove its collaborative, conversational nature — just don’t deliver the numbers that Facebook does. But blogging is a conversation, and conversations don’t go viral. People share things their friends will understand, not things that you need to have read six other posts to understand.

Here’s my pledge: to write and share 100 times more for the valleys in the graph, the January 22nd audience, than for the peaks, the January 28th one. The latter’s exposure is exciting, but the conversation I want to have here needs fewer, more engaged participants.

Conversation: you know who shared that Kline quote with me? Landon. By link. In an email. Conversation, y’all.

Thank you reading. And sharing. But still reading. And commenting. And yet reading.

This blog’s for you.

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