Church, Leadership

Communion Is A Mess

Communion is not the same thing as harmony. This is helpful to recall during the week that leads to World Communion Sunday.

Yesterday I spent 90 minutes planning World Communion Sunday worship with the Pastor of the Spanish speaking congregation that worships on our campus and an Elder from the Indonesian speaking church that also worships on our campus. Three churches. Three languages. Organized by three people. This thing’s going to be a mess.

But it will still be communion. Christ will still be present.

One of the worst executed communion services I ever experienced was at the close of our youth work camp last summer, where there was one crusty loaf and one chalice for over 100 worshipers. It took nearly 20 minutes. Adding a second station would have cut the time in half. It was still communion.

The institution of the communion meal was no smooth production either. One guy got up and left. People were confused. Jesus was distraught. There was no moving mood music or penetrating looks from an officiant earnestly pronouncing your name as she placed a bite-sized morsel into your trembling hand.

Still: Christ. Present. Communion.


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