Youth Ministry And Pot

I have a youth ministry colleague who told me recently that there are students in her youth group who use marijuana, who have told her they use marijuana, and who are nonetheless high achieving students and respectful kids. She lives in a state that has legalized it.

During the conversation she shared a sense of angst about her students’ pot smoking. She doesn’t feel like she can condone it, but neither does she feel she needs to tell their parents and insist they stop (some of them shared that their parents know). I’m green enough to not have dealt with this, so I didn’t really know what to tell her.

So, on a scale of zero to 10, where zero is absolutely not a problem and 10 is call-in-the-feds, how big of a barrier to the aims of youth ministry is marijuana usage?

7 thoughts on “Youth Ministry And Pot

  1. Rocky, like anything else we need to show them Christ and have the Holy Spirit convict them of their actions. I don’t think there is a huge problem with it, although I too am rather green. We should focus on why are they using it? Is it “recreational?” If so then there may be something going on within them that feels a need to fit in, have fun, etc…I know for me, I experimented and quickly moved on. I was pretty involved in my youth group while experimenting with it. My needs were eventually met in other ways and I no longer felt like I needed to experiment. As for those who feel somewhat empowered by it politically, I would treat it more like an unhealthy choice that may pose health risks down the road…i.e. cigarettes, alcohol, drugs…So maybe a 5 on the scale. Sometimes as adults we blow things out of scale and make these things our issue when its not really their issue. They may have other issues that belittle pot.

  2. How old are they? Define using-how much? If they are high achieving students and continue to be I would make the group understand that you don’t condone any drug use. As long as they don’t bring it to church or church functions and as long as they continue to be high achieving (can’t smoke much and do that) leave them alone. Now if we’re talking really young teens or pretend talk to the parents.

    A program on drugs, factual not scare tactics, with the cops and medical professionals couldn’t hurt.



  3. People use marijuana for reasons. What are the reasons? It affects people’s development, emotional coping skills…shouldn’t we see the whole person and their situation, not just the big bad LEGAL part of it? If a person were using food/computers/sex/alcohol to numb out and deal with their life, the issue is not legality…It’s personal and spiritual.

    What struggles are creating the desire to reach for pot?

  4. As a survivor by the grace of God of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District during the Sixties, I feel I must respond to this ill informed discussion about something of great impact upon Christian youth. I can not only testify to the harmful effects of marijuana in my own life and my husband’s (by the way, after God saved him, he went to seminary), but also his objective experience in over 20 years of working in psychiatric crisis units with thousands of patients. Since legalization of marijuana in Washington State, the increase of college-aged psychotic patients has increased enormously. Scientific studies prove its dangers to young people especially, making them far more likely to become schizophrenic. Furthermore, marijuana is without a doubt a door opener to the occult spiritual realms. Before Christ, I was a spiritualist minister, and drugs and Eastern meditative techniques are central in contacting what I came to realize are demons. I recommend an excellent tract about marijuana at
    I exhort you as ministers of Christ and His Word to youth to study this issue and not be casual about it. Marijuana and the drugs it leads to are extremely dangerous, morally, spiritually, and physically.

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