Out of Energy

For the past four years I’ve run an after school group for junior high students. Junior high is 7th and 8th grade, so, at most, a student will participate for two years before they’re off to high school. Essentially two groups of students have cycled through for two years each. Both groups had at their core a student from the church whom I invited to bring some friends.

School started a month ago, and there are no junior high students coming after school anymore. One came the first week, zero the two following weeks. The conditions that enabled the group the past four years aren’t there this year, namely a student whom I know and who wants to hang out after school with their friends.

Going where the energy is means letting silence have its say. There’s no energy for this among the people it’s for. So I just freed up 90 minutes once a week.

Still kind of feels like a failure, though.