Listening To Dreams


I had a dream last night in which I led a youth mission project alongside one of the former Youth Directors at my church. I can’t say which one it actually was; it was something of an amalgam of two. As we picked up trash on a hill, I questioned my predecessor on the congregation’s youth ministry of yesteryear. Her answers crushed me. Things were so much better then.

One specific question I remember. I asked, “What about graduates who stick around and don’t leave the area for college. Did you still do work with them?”

“Oh yes,” she answered, “I worked very hard at that.”

Dreams are weird. I have an inferiority complex. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Still, though, I’m listening.



2 thoughts on “Listening To Dreams

  1. Well rocky Shelley Randles and Robbin Kelley were both moderators of the youth groups so there you have it..some concrete evidence…your ministry is also showing seeds of the this pattern being continued..the follow up is difficult..for instance. Bruce Gray was in my senior high Sunday school class(there were twenty plus) if. I were not active in presbytery I would have lost track of him.I was so proud of the way you had Emma answer those significant questions it made me cry I remember Emma as a baby..Can you imagine how you would feel if that were Laura. ? Do not be faint hearted. You are doing what needs to be done and the days of “twenty plus” in a ss class are goe. We rejoice in the now…cheers and love. Dee Kelley

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