10 Learnings from The Youth Mission Trip

Note: this is the fourth post about a recent youth mission trip. The first three are here, here, and here.

This work trip was the first of its kind: a collaboration between four youth workers to assemble a team of over 40 high school youth from eight different churches for a 10 day mission experience. Here are the most important things we learned.

  1. A grilled cheese is a sandwich
  2. There are high school students who would like nothing more than to high five you in the face with a bus.
  3. The Abiquiu Teen Project is amazing
  4. 51 people is too many to do much meaningful work. Smaller=more flexible=better.
  5. Mosquitos have absolutely no redeeming biological or ecological function.
  6. The Dart Game is a disease.
  7. If your bus driver’s name is “Porsche,” it’s not actually that funny to repeatedly say, “Bring the Porsche around.”
  8. High school students want to worship God, especially under a blazing night sky on top of a mountain.
  9. The “O! A Milkshake” energizer is a fly that will torment your ears to the death.
  10. We’re definitely doing it again!



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