I Wanna Get Better


It’s annual personnel review season here at the church. and this year we’re using a new narrative template for these things. I like it a lot. Here’s one of the questions:

Are there particular skills or areas of professional development you would like to undertake during the coming year?

Yes. Yes there are.

I want to get better at leading change . I want to learn strategies for forming self-learning groups. And some other stuff.

I want to get better.

What about you? 12 months from now, what do you want to be better at?


10 thoughts on “I Wanna Get Better

  1. I love that song.
    And yes, I wanna get better.
    This may seem an odd one, but want to become more efficient. There are more things I want to do than I get done in a week. Efficient night not be the right word.

  2. Donna Supinger says:

    Helping others-particularly the sick and the dieing who sometimes feel so abandoned and alone. Praying for them is great but sometimes they just need a friend to talk to or to take them away from their problems if only for a little while.

  3. Deborah Wright says:

    Donna, check to see if there is a Hospice organization where you live – they often take respite care volunteers and train them, then send them out to do just what you are suggesting.

    • Donna Supinger says:

      Thanks Deborah and Rocky. We do have a hospice hospital not to far away. I will check with them also. I have already put calls into the director of our church program and the local Therapy Dogs program. I have experience with Hospice but it was always with friends or relatives. I hadn’t considered it on the level you are talking about. Rocky, After Marilyn and Ralph died I’ve kind of avoided that. I know that avoidance has run to people at church too so it’s time to buckle up. I noticed at the hospice when Marilyn was there that there were a lot of people always alone, same with nursing homes and even at Craig. There are people always alone. Craig always uses dogs but I’m not sure Lady is such a good candidate.
      Thanks for the suggestions.
      God Bless,

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