Is Church A League Or A Team?

People play recreation league softball for different reasons. Some are there to play a game they love and get better at it. Some want the competition. Others need the physical activity. Still others do it for the regular social interaction. The community softball league is a durable institution because people want to do it for lots of different reasons ranging from the competitive and athletic to the social.

Some teams are young, brash, and win a lot. Others are slow and laid back, and they don’t win as much. They don’t care as much either. The fiery competitor will be frustrated on the laid back team, and the team won’t take well to her. Same is true of the duffer on the team of hot shots.

Of course this makes me think about church. There’s a line of thinking that churches need simple expressions of themselves that everyone can rally around, things like, “Bible-based” or “Inclusive” or “Missional.” That seems to me to make a team out of church, rather than a league.

Which is better?


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