2013: The Year of The Monday Morning Quarterback

“My most popular blog posts this year weren’t my best ones,” writes the king of bloggers, Seth Godin.

I don’t know how my most popular blog posts relate to my best ones. That’s for others to say. My most viewed posts in 2013 were “This Hurts” and “As Though We Are Being Saved.” Both of those posts were about ECO and the continuing decline of the Presbyterian Church (USA), a fact that suggests that, if yorocko.com has anything of value to offer, it’s personal commentary on those two issues. I hope that’s true. Also, those posts came out of the worst stretch of days I experienced all year (frankly, they felt a little whiney). I’m not sure what to make of their popularity.

As for the best, I’m comfortable saying that the best thing that happened in this space last year was Monday Morning Quarterback. It didn’t get done every week, but when it did it generated fun conversations and got read by people I wouldn’t have predicted. It started as an experiment in January and continued (off and on) through December. I’m happy about that.

Some things that didn’t work out this year. There was an experiment to write a post each week featuring new music releases that never generated any interest. I realized after about a month that I don’t particularly like reading about music; why should anyone else?

Also, my ambition to blog through several books in 2013 didn’t get past Mihee Kim Kort’s “Making Paper Cranes.” I guess I lack the discipline to stick to regular posts on the same book. I’m not giving up, though, because my experience blogging this book and this book were so much fun. Maybe I’ll capture something in 2014.

As for the next 12 months, I’m not sure what’s in store. Maybe I’ll focus more on writing about the PC(USA) and ECO. Maybe Monday Morning Quarterback has run its course. Maybe “yorocko” is too adolescent a title.

I value the conversation and thank you whole-heartedly for reading and sharing. Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “2013: The Year of The Monday Morning Quarterback

  1. You are thinking about it….I love that….I would love to think with you about what and when to write. I need to think about it also.

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