Monday Morning Quarterback

Monday Morning Quarterback

Note: Monday Morning Quarterback is a weekly post reviewing Sunday, the busiest, most stressful, most gratifying day in the week of a pastor/parent/spouse/citizen.

Song of The Day:

6:40. Wake to alarm. No memory of the 6:00 and 6:20 alarms. The night following the 30 Hour Famine is one of the hardest sleeps of a Youth Pastor’s year.

7:22. Coffee and the LA Times on the Kindle–catching up on all the Watertown madness that transpired over the weekend.

7:45. Baby Girl comes downstairs and crawls in my lap. Decide to take her to church early with me.

8:17. Enter the office to discover . . . babies! Colleague and her partner have brought the new foster adoptive twins to church for the first time. Gettin’ my baby on.

8:55. Leaving Baby Girl to her Godly Play devices.

9:34. Discussion with confirmands about social issues and the church. Encouraged by their perception that the environment, poverty, and immigration are big deals at their church.

10:08. Acolyte sails through Call to Worship, then promptly leaves. Sick.

10:17. During Children’s Time led by guest missionary, 3 year-old walks across the chancel to grab the bunch of plastic grapes on the communion table. Remark to my colleague, “That’s the right instinct.” “Lest ye become like a little child . . .

10:24. Choir is whistling during the anthem. Whistling.

10:50. High school student rises to sing the antiphonal Lord’s Prayer. Caught off guard. Can’t sing. Wiping eyes.

11:54. Adult Education Committee putting the finishing touches on a four week gun violence series, planned in under 40 minutes.

1:22. Reminding Mario at La Parolaccia about the junior high students I’ll be bringing back tonight looking to do some good. He’s pumped and ready.

1:34. Thumbing in notes on my phone–stuff to remember for Monday Morning Quarterback.

1:43. Watching Rob at Heirloom cut Perrier bottles into drinking glasses using something called a G2 Bottle Cutter and buckets of hot and cold water. Must. Have. Bottle. Cutter.

2:11. Retrieving neighbor’s refrigerator box from the recycling bin to use as a pyramid for Baby Girl’s Egypt-themed birthday party next month.

2:55. Baby Girl wants to watch The Ten Commandments again. Fine. There’s laundry needs done.

3:32. Inadvertently merge 100 of my phone contacts into one. Oops.

4:51. Junior High Impact Challenge is on. Wondering if junior high students aren’t the worst possible population for an experimental activity that requires approaching strangers with earnest pleas to do some good.

5:01. Impact 1: student holds the door for patrons of an ice cream shop.

5:12. Impact 2: students serve as unofficial “greeters” for a local business.

5:19. Impact 3: students wash windows at a restaurant.

5:33. Impact 4: students help bakery employee stack chairs at closing time.

5:35. Impact 5: students procure end-of-day croissants from bakery for giving away.

5:43. Impact 6: students procure $25 gift certificate from window washing restaurant.

5:50. Impact 7: students give gift certificate to lone man wearing a “Vietnam Vet” hat in a motorized wheelchair eating a sack lunch at a courtyard table.

5:52. Impact 8: students procure individual pie from pie shop for giving away.

5:58. Impact 9: students chase down elderly couple and give them pie.

6:13. Processing Impact Challenge learnings: need to make contact with decision makers beforehand. Hourly employees have little decision making power that can be helpful.

6:52. Back in the office watching the 9th inning of the Royals/Red Sox game.

7:10. Lasers and Burritos. It’s on.

7:33. In line at Laser Tag concession stand, remark to volunteer, “I hate this place.” Pretty sure the guy getting my Sierra Mist heard me. Wonder: could he have spit in it?

8:40. Treating students to their first ever Chipotle burritos. An under appreciated aspect of youth ministry.

8:43. Wait. Chipotle has something called a Quesorrito? Why wasn’t I told about this?

9:17. Driving home past Adult Toy Box billboard. Students cracking jokes. Share that I can’t partake in the humor, an impulse confirmed when student says, “Yeah, because if you do Christ will come and stab you.”

9:38. Waiting with students in church parking lot for parental pick up. Student retrieves phone to call when I crack some mid-90’s slang on him. “Yo, Ima hit these digits right quick.” In seconds, he’s on his knees convulsing with laughter. When I add, “Playa,” he’s rolling on the asphalt and begging for mercy.

9:43. Students’ parents aren’t coming. Driving them home to a lively discussion of Sonic The Hedgehog music.

10:05. Back home, watching highlights of Royals/Red Sox games.

10:11. Consulting Monday Morning Quarterback notes on phone. They’re useless. Memory diminished by lasers and burritos.








4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Quarterback

  1. I thought I sensed something from your area when the men in the choir started whistling. Always good to surprise people. :-> That is one of my favorite anthems. Its almost annoyingly cheerful.

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