Youth Ministry

Avoiding the Lousy

RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY put together this slide show, “6 ways to guarantee a lousy fall.” I find most of what RTYM very useful, and this is no exception.

I particularly like the last slide about starting the year with a big kickoff event. I’m waffling a bit on our group’s fall kickoff party tradition anyway. Do you all have big kickoff events in the fall? Why or why not?


3 thoughts on “Avoiding the Lousy

  1. I love RYM stuff, too! This is really helpful as well, and is definitely making me re-think big kick-off. I’m feeling particularly mindful of the newbies (to the group in general, and the rising 6th graders). Our kids have a tendency to not be very welcoming sometimes but only because of shyness, I think. I’m going to start a new “program” where I mentor a few of the potential leaders (youth) as a group, but really focus on community and hospitality – hopefully it’ll be contagious.

  2. Mihee, since I’ve been here the integration of incoming youth has not gone very well. I think the beginning-of-the-year habits have had something to do with that, since I’ve just been trying to do what’s always been done. I’m intrigued by this mentoring thing you’re doing; say more?

  3. Karen says:

    I think some of the in-group, outsider stuff is mitigated if your youth ministry is NOT a separate subculture from the rest of what the congregation. If your incoming freshmen already know the juniors because they’ve served as acolytes together, gone to the all church camp-out together, helped out with VBS together, and their families have served at Community Meal together, the new kids coming into youth group won’t feel as anxious and the older kids coming back might be more welcoming.

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