Youth Group: Huh! What Is It Good For?

Youth ministries are made up of lots of activities. Sunday school, small groups, mission trips, the weekly youth group, youth choir: these are but a few of the church activities that fall under the “youth ministry” category. Some of them fall under other categories, too.

They involve different students. A very small percentage of youth participate in two or more of them; most participants probably stick to one.

They do different things. Sunday school teaches. The mission trip serves. Yet they all do more than one thing. They all teach. They can all serve.

What about the weekly youth group? What does it do? What is it’s main aim? How does it complement the small group or the service project? How is it different from the multitude of “groups” that seek to enhance our students’ development, from student government to soccer?

What is the weekly youth group’s primary job?