New Music Tuesday: Live Acoustic Throwback Edition

Reader question: what album got you through college? Seminary or Grad School?

Also, what new releases should I be looking out for?

Album: Live Acoustic

Band: Guster

Label: Ocho Mule

Release Date: January 8, 2013


Normally, I wouldn’t get worked up about an album of live acoustic versions of songs I already knew and, in some cases, loved. But these songs make unique contributions. There’s no novelty in arrangement or vocalization (such as the irritating habit of inviting the audience to sing the chorus), only rich vocal harmonies and the addition of some simple strings. The recording of “Either Way” is as good of proof as there is:


I fell hard for Guster in 2003 while a seminary student. I listened to Keep It Together the whole academic year. Then, during my first year as a pastor, I would spend my morning commute pounding the steering wheel and stomping the floorboards singing along to “Happier” and “Two Points for Honesty.”¬†They fell off my rader after that, though. It’s been almost 10 years.


Good to hear ya, boys.