What Are You Reading?

Cribbing Seth Godin again for this late edition. In this post, he takes down people who aren’t doing the reading. Here’s the money quote: The reading isn’t merely a book, of course. The reading is what we call it when you do the difficult work of learning to think with the best, to stay caught up, […]

Monday Morning Quarterback

Note: Monday Morning Quarterback is a weekly post reviewing Sunday, the busiest, most stressful, most gratifying day in the week of a pastor/parent/spouse/citizen. Song of the Day: http://rd.io/x/QEq_K_6Bcg 6:00. Alarm. Seriously? Snooze. 6:18. Awake two minutes before expiration of snooze alarm. Consider the relative value of two minutes of sle–alarm again. 6:33. Open laptop to […]

Facebook and The Privacy of The Least of These

A timely text from a friend yesterday asked if I had read danah boyd’s anti-Facebook rant. I hadn’t. Well, I’d skimmed it. So I went and read it. Thanks, friend. The privacy conversation has never really interested me. I have no illusions about the possibilities when I share something online. I’m making an informed choice […]

News Flash: Life Still Hard, Despite Facebook

I don’t agree with Umair Haque’s latest post. Haque, director of the Havas Media Lab who blogs and writes for the Harvard Business Review, says that, just like during the dot.com bubble and the sub-prime mortgage bubble, we’re witnessing a social media bubble; people are ignoring the warning signs of a great collapse. Here’s the […]