New Music Tuesday: I Love Chad Andrew Herring Edition

Note: New Music Tuesday highlights something I’ve been listening to regularly during the week prior. I like it. I include critical comments both positive and negative to demonstrate my independent ignorance of musical convention.

Chad Andrew Herring is magic. He sneezes rainbow sprinkles. He sweats cologne. He burps laughing gas.

I love Chad Andrew Herring.

And Chad Andrew Herring loves the twin sister idie rock band Tegan and Sara. Therefore, I love Tegan and Sarah. That’s called a syllogism.

Album: Heartthrob

Artist: Tegan and Sara

Label: Vapor/Warner Brothers

Release Date: January 29, 2013

Where I Found It: (Do I have to say it?) Chad Andrew Herring

What The Critics Are Saying: 

On “Heartthrob” (Vapor/Warner Bros.), the Quins’ seventh album, they let their inner dance-pop divas loose. Instead of Cat Power teamed with Ani DiFranco, they now sound like Kelly Clarkson paired with Gwen Stefani. And, in a bigger surprise, they sound pretty great doing it. (Glen Gamboa)

The album’s electro trappings may feel odd at first, but that sensation quickly fades thanks to the smooth, inviting textures — the Quins never sound like anyone but themselves. Whether sharing close harmonies or trading lead vocals, the sisters retain the engaging conversational style that values down-to-earth expressiveness over showy theatrics. (Jon Young)

With Heartthrob it sounds like the sisters have made a conscious effort to be more understandable, while maintaining some aspects of their signature poetic repetitious style. They’ve grown up in almost every aspect of music production. (Enio Chiola)

Seriously, at times listening to “Heartthrob” feels like nothing as much as Olivia Newton-John. Witness the opening track, “Closer”:


This is perfect pop candy. Echo, reverb, synthesizers. And staccato repetition lyrics like, “And it drove me, and it drove me, and it drove me . . . wild.”


It might feel a bit regressive for an aspiring music curator to really dig this record, but giving in is a sweet reward.


Chad Andrew Herring’s everywhere agree: Tegan and Sara are super cool!