Embrace The Boundaries

Without boundaries there is no freedom. Unlimited choice is no choice. In terms of investing and the digital economy, boundlessness makes prosperity impossible, since the only acceptable outcome is more growth. This is Doug Rushkoff’s  contention in the “Bounded Investing” section at the end of Throwing Rocks at The Google Bus, a numbered list of constructive proposals […]

The Startup Won’t Save Us

This is another post on Douglas Rushkoff’s new book, Throwing Rocks at The Google Bus: How Growth Became The Enemy of Prosperity. Read more posts on the book here. Throw yourself headlong into the Rushkoff rabbit hole here. There’s a chirpy critique of startups near the end of Throwing Rocks that makes for great reading. It amounts to […]

Steady-State Thinking vs. Church Growth

It’s a weird week when Douglas Rushkoff releases his new book raising the alarm about our culture’s constant growth mentality and two prominent church figures spit on small churches. I’m part of a small subset of nerdilicious nerds who will take note of both those things. First Bill Easum said that pastors of churches that […]

Creating Value Costs. Churches Can Ask People To Pay

This is the second post about Douglas Rushkoff’s new book Throwing Rocks at The Google Bus: How Growth Became The Enemy of Prosperity. Read the first post here.   Churches should add value to their communities, not extract it. But how? And if it’s valuable, can we charge for it? I’m thinking yes we can. Most […]