The Fellowship Theology Draft

Yesterday I posted my response to the Fellowship of Presbyterians’ Polity Draft. This post will briefly summarize and respond to the companion Theology Draft released at the same time on the groups’ website. The Theology Draft does three things: it addresses the question of a theological standard (namely, confessional statements) for the New Reformed Body, […]

The Fellowship Polity Draft

The Fellowship of Presbyterians (about whom I’ve written here and here) released drafts yesterday of the polity and theology documents that will guide their January gathering in Orlando. This post will lift up the most prominent characteristics of the polity draft. I tweeted my highlights of the document on my first read-thru, and you can […]

The Fellowship Gathering: Third Thoughts

“It’s a mad mission/Under difficult conditions” Patty Griffin (for Casey Wait) My first thought was, “I’m not one of these evangelicals anymore.” My second thought was, “We see the world’s needs very differently.” My third thought is, “We see mission very differently.” Uses of the term “missional” were more prevalent at the Fellowship Gathering in […]

The Fellowship Gathering: Second Thoughts

“Weigh the pros/the cons come first/I’ve got a black belt in doubt.” Cold War Kids The Rev. Dr. David Swanson of First Presbyterian Church, Orlando, said during his address to the Fellowship gathering something to the effect of: the world badly needs to know what the church believes. That was the moment of epiphany for […]

The Fellowship Gathering: First Thoughts

“I remember when we shared a vision, you and I” The Mountain Goats I’ve just returned from The Fellowship of Presbyterians gathering in Minneapolis. The event was organized by a group of evangelical pastors within the PC (USA) who called like-minded pastors and elders to join with them in creating a New Reformed Body connected […]

Presbyterian Death Match: NEXT Church vs. The Fellowship

“so what’s the difference (other than theological perspective) between #nextchurchindy and the fellowship/whitepaper? any takers? #pcusa“ I’m fool enough to take that bait, laid out by @gspcrobert yesterday amidst the waning reaction to the NEXT Church gathering in Indianapolis earlier this week. I quickly tweeted: “@gspcrobert I’ll take that. #nextchurchindy is a gathering looking for answers. The Fellowship […]