There’s a prayer after communion that I have forgotten to include in the last few worship bulletins, and thus failed to lead. This week, though, it’s in there and I’m ready. I check the bulletin five, six, seven times during the service to make sure it’s there. It’s there. Communion happens and the prayer is said. I sit back down.

It only takes a few seconds of silence to figure out something is amiss. Then the musicians start to play the closing hymn, but when I look over at them the singer is clearly confused and is muttering something to the bass player. My colleague leans over to me and points to the “Call for Offering” listed directly beneath the “Prayer after Communion.” I’ve forgotten all about it. So I stand up and make self-effacing joke, then plow ahead.

Focusing overmuch on one element can lead a person to miss other elements you don’t need thought about at all.

One thought on “Focus

  1. Oh, Rocky, I once made a major omission on a graduation program…. I followed the program and left out something very important! Yikes. Fortunately, the snubbed one was gracious and understanding….

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