Years ago, like eight or nine years ago, mom got us a burr coffee grinder for Christmas, and I used it day after day after day until yesterday when the motor suddenly issued a pitiful groan as it worked on it daily allotment, 60 grams of Pike Place Roast, and then definitively died. I turned it over, unplugged it, disassembled it, reassembled it, and could not revive it.

The coffee it had already managed to grind produced a bitter cup.

I replaced it by end of day with an economical blade grinder, which I have just auditioned.

Do we ever know how good we have it?

2 thoughts on “Grind

  1. My husband, also a brrr coffee grinder fella, would commiserate with you. He has never found a grinder he likes well enough so now mostly buys his coffee already ground. Now and then, when a friend hands him a bag of beans, he hauls out the expensive electric grinder he bought years ago and does the job of grinding up the beans and then he does the major job of cleaning the appliance.

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