How does a person misuse the Bible? How does a church do that? A tradition?

Who says what the right use of the Bible, or of any part of the Bible, is?

It seems to me like we can identify some common elements of bad uses of the Bible: failing to account for the context, both literary and historical, of any particular verse or passage (hint: the more narrow the citation, the more likely we’re doing this); redirecting an emphasis on God to an emphasis on ourselves; citing Scripture to condemn people we disagree with.

It’s hard to see how employing the Bible in any of those ways is right or good.

P.S. Matt and I took on this very topic in our episode of The Bible Top Ten podcast, just out today!

One thought on “Used

  1. Good point. I have a devotional book I particularly enjoy, but I’ve turned away from it sometimes because it seems too rote or habitual, not searching for help. Off to the podcast — yay!

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