The dig “entitled” implies that a person expects something they didn’t earn and that they presume privilege based on conditions they didn’t create, such as their position or their family.

What would change, though, if the energy we direct toward shutting down people we perceive as entitled was channeled toward those who are entitled to privileges they aren’t receiving? What if we used “entitled” as a benediction more than a malediction?

You are entitled to health care. You are entitled to respect. You are entitled to welcome.

Your lack of these privileges should be a problem for me. It should upset me more than the person who claims privileges I don’t think they deserve. They might deserve them; you certainly do.

One thought on “Entitled

  1. Rocky, this is a powerful point beautifully expressed. Greatest respect for comparing benediction and malediction — the latter word doesn’t get enough use, considering how many of them are uttered. Thanks!

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