Tuesday Shuffle: Keeper or Not-A-Keeper Edition

I have “liked” 3,852 songs on Spotify, on purpose. Sometimes I shuffle the whole derned thing just to prune it and remind myself of my exquisite taste. I also like to share the first five songs that queue up on a random shuffle and decide if they’re still keepers. Like this:

Verdict: not a keeper. A bit of a time piece from a time I don’t care to dwell on.

Verdict: keeper. Though revealed to be a trashy human, Ryan Adams is an exquisite song-writer. This is one of his best.

Verdict: if this is in doubt, cancel you account. Keeper.

Verdict: keeper. This album got me through my first winter as a pastor, and I didn’t even know that Jenny Lewis was the female vocalist until, like, a year ago.

Verdict: keeper. I love a punk recording re-conceived by the punks as an acoustic ballad.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Shuffle: Keeper or Not-A-Keeper Edition

  1. Thanks for the musical updates, Rocky. I’m certain that music can attach itself to memories, good and bad. The songs that get me through the bad times and still help are my version of keepers; the songs that get heard too often in bad times and bring them back are the ones I try to throw away along with a famous piece that was my first example of that nasty breed.

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