“Good afternoon, ____________ Plumbing, can I help you?”

“Yes. I’m calling about some work one of your plumbers did yesterday. I live at _____________.”

“I see. What’s your phone number?”

“My phone number is ___ _____.”

“Yes, I have your job here. Why were you calling?”

“I’m calling to complain about the work your plumber, whose name was _____ did.”

. . .

. . .

. . .

“Well, actually, nobody is here right now. Someone from management will call you later.”

“Wait. So one of your managers will call me at this number, the number I just gave you, to talk with me about the job that _____ did here yesterday?”


“Okay, thank you. Goodbye.”

Management isn’t calling. There probably is no management.

2 thoughts on “Plumbing

  1. Calls “later” could be a modern kind of psalm. How long, o Lord? I picked up my dad’s enthusiasm for measurements; when I said it was warm or cold, he would ask me to put a number on that. I like to try the same with “later” replies.

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