I used to think the advice “Never let them see you sweat” was for your benefit, but now I wonder if it isn’t for theirs. It depends on who we think “them” is.

If it’s hostile onlookers hoping for us to fail, then controlling our perspiration denies them the satisfaction. That’s the assumption behind the advice as an advertising slogan and pop song (The first lyric gives it away: “They’re out to get ya”).

That’s probably an unnecessarily competitive and uncharitable view of our peers. I mean, are you like that? Do you lay in wait for others to bomb and take delight in their strains and struggles? I doubt you do.

What if “them” is a crowd of supporters and collaborators who are pulling on the same rope you are? In that case, not letting them see you sweat is for their benefit and yours; they’re looking to you to lead, and if you’re looking like you got it then they will too.

Extra note: Matt and I did not sweat recording these new episodes of our podcast, out today. Enjoy!

One thought on “Them

  1. I wonder whether it should be “Never let them smell you sweat” instead? Seeing it is inescapable these days.Thanks — and thanks for the link to more podcasting. I loved the first one.

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