I spied an electric analog alarm clock in the back corner of a drug store in a small southeastern Kansas town and impulsively bought it. Because I was on vacation, feeling an easier rhythm than the workaday, and because I was in Kansas, where strangers holler “Good afternoon!” from across the street, I was taken by the urge to simplify life by replacing my phone as the alarm on my nightstand, to make a new effort, back home, to banish the phone from the bedroom.

The clock glows bright blue into my face all night, and whenever I open my eyes I see the hour and the minute, and I am gripped with anxiety about the passage of time.

How do people live like this?

2 thoughts on “Clock

  1. I turn off my phone around 6:30 every evening. As for alarm clocks, there is one in our bedroom that has large numbers but I have to intentionally turn my head to see it. I love having that clock there at night to check if I so wish to do so. I’m living just fine.

  2. Thanks for a thought-provoking story. (But I should say that every time.) I have my alarm clock in the kitchen of my studio, so that I have to get to my feet to turn it off. It’s also louder than the phone, or at least I’m not used to it. I suggest putting the clock out of reach and turning it so that when you see it, you see its glow, but you can’t read the numbers.

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